Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chicago Weather | Snow and High Wind

Chicago Weather: Snow, high winds, low temperatures

Drizzle warm day, temperatures rise above freezing, sleep eyes, began falling in the Chicago area, until Sunday night temperatures plunged overnight in a position expected to hit the area the first major winter storm tips.

Winter storm warning in central and northeastern Illinois in the three being used for, but Sunday, from midnight Sunday night.

Almost since the dawn close to the eye is expected to decline. Ford, about 47 inches snow in areas along the line near the lake and the possibility of Jolie and 8 inches high amount of accommodation and the eastern part of Northwest Indiana is the prediction.

Snow drift on the wind, some low-bijeobilriti (Visibility), causing two hours every Sunday morning, 45 miles high search is expected to continue all day Sunday.
Chicago Weather Forecast Center, the road crews to keep this issue a clear need for snow and strong winds are reported.

Salt and make an appointment in advance and dangerous for the Sun prepare for a sudden drop in temperature - about 8 inches to a lot of snow in Chicago, the city authorities are expected to hit 100 or more today, ready to track the eye.

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