Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hot Hot News Sylvester Stallone's Son Found Dead in LA

Sylvester Stallone, left, star of the film "Daylight," arrives at the film's world premiere with his girlfriend Jennifer Flavin, center, and his son Sage Stallone, who co-stars in the film, in Hollywood district of Los Angeles. A publicist for Sylvester Stallone says the actor's son, Sage Stallone has died on Friday, at age 36. (AP/Kevork Djansezian)
Sage Stallone (36), son of movie star Sylvester Stallone, was found dead on Friday (7/13/2012) at his home in Hollywood, authorities said, and his lawyer.

Police and lawyers Sage Stallone (36), one of two sons from his first marriage Stallone, gave a different explanation of how Sage was found, but police said there was no sign of forced entry or violence.

Los Angeles police spokesman Lt. Andy Neiman said police found the body of Stallone's son in her home while responding to a phone that asks authorities to check the situation.

Lawyer George Braunstein said he was found by a housekeeper. "There is anxiety about his family and friends because they do not hear from him (Sage) in a day later. That's why the housekeeper to her home," said Braunstein.

"It's tragic. He was easy, a great director and very talented. He's a very nice," he continued.

Sage Stallone
has appeared in several films, mostly with his father. One was in the movie "Rocky V". The movie was made in the 1990s, Sage served as Rocky Balboa Jr, son of the movie the main character, Rocky Balboa is played by Stallone.

He also appeared in the movie "Daylight". In the film, Sylvester appeared as a hero who led the breakout from a New York tunnel that collapsed and his son play as a prisoner.

Sage Stallone is the second son of Sylvester Stallone (66) with his first wife, Sasha Czack. The couple divorced in 1985, having married for 10 years. Stallone has three daughters from his then-wife, Jennifer Flavin.

According to a statement issued manager Sylvester, "Sylvester Stallone was devastated and saddened by the loss of her son, Sage Stallone. He also mourned the mother Sage, Sasha. Sage is a remarkable young man and very talented. We will miss him forever."

Neither the police nor Braunstein did not give a detailed explanation of the cause of death of Sage. "We do not know the exact events, but this is obviously a very tragic event. He is a passionate and was involved in several employment projects," said Braunstein. "He was not depressed or facing similar circumstances."

Braunstein said he believes Sylvester Stallone to get back to Los Angeles from Comic-Con in San Diego.

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