Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Selena Gomez Punched in The Face When leaving Justin's 17th birthday party

Selena Gomez claims has received online threats (email)from fans who adore her boyfriend, Justin Bieber, but have haters taken things a step further?

Rumors started on Twitter Wednesday that Selena Gomez punched in face by a fan after photos surfaced of the Disney star covering her face and what appeared to be a fat lip. The topic #sorryjustin started trending on Twitter, and in no time, word quickly spread that Gomez was hit by a jealous Bieber fan.

Justin Bieber makes girls go crazy and scream. According to recent internet rumors, some of his fans may have gone a little too crazy.

After receiving threats from Bieber fans, the pop idol's girlfriend, Selena Gomez, was also rumored to have been punched in the face by one, reports People magazine.

The rumors stemmed from paparazzi photos showing Gomez covering what appears to be a fat lip.

However, a rep for Gomez told People that there is "absolutely no truth" to the rumors.

Who Punched Selena Gomez?

Who punched Selena Gomez? Watch the picture and photo below, Selena Gomez gets punched in the face when leaving Justin Bieber 17th birthday party at Maggiano’s Restaurant. So who punched Selena Gomez? The suspect is believed as one of Justin Bieber fans..

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